We must fight for righteousness.

Kung Fu gives power and with power comes responsibility, not only to oneself but to society as a whole.  We will give you the tools to become a martial artist and the traditions to live by, so you can pass the art on to others. 


 Come in and see what we're doing!!!




Martial Arts

Practice, practice, practice & see results.

As a martial artist, one must practice a healthy lifestyle and represent society in a responsible way.  We teach you how to train and exercise, so you can be at the top of your game and reach the euphoria of being in shape.  



Welcome to the World Martial Arts Federation.

Kung Fu is not just an art form, but a philosophy and a way of life.  The practitioner is an artist that uses his body movement to create art as a painter uses his brush or as a musician uses his instrument.  





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Moo Sool Won Presentation

We want to share with you what Moo Sool Won is all about!

​In this video, we share an inspirational story of how eagles endure and overcome hardships in order to fly higher and stronger.

Let yourself fly high again like an eagle!

* DISCLAIMER: This video is made from compilation of different youtube videos. Moo Sool Won does not own any video clips shown on the video above.*

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