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Welcome to the MSW Family

Martial arts is not just an art form, but a philosophy and a way of life.  The practitioner is an artist that uses his body movement to create art as a painter uses his brush or as a musician uses his instrument.  



Moo Sool Won

"Aspire to be Great, then Serve others"

World Martial Arts Mission

WMAM, a non-profit 501(c)(3), aims to serve and give back to the community by sponsoring low-income and disadvantaged families with access to martial arts training, afterschool, and summer programs.

Halloween special prices!



Practice, practice, practice & see results.

As a martial artist, one must practice a healthy lifestyle and represent society in a responsible way.  We will teach you how to train and exercise, so you can be the best version of yourself.  


After-school Leadership Program​

F.L.i.P., our Future Leaders in-training Program Afterschool & F.L.i.P. Teaching Internship is a new program specifically for our students at MSW. Click below to check out more!